Monday, 10 October 2011

WYNN Wizard Features

· Ability to customize preferences to help support visual and auditory processing difficulties

                  VISUAL                                                            AUDITORY
                  Size                                                                     Self-paced reading
                  Line spacing                                                       Speech Rates
                  Word spacing                                                     Pause between sentences
                  Margins                                                              Voice options
                  Background color                                              Language options

· Bi-modal approach to reading — text is highlighted in context as it is spoken aloud
· Full editing capabilities — the ability to modify electronic files, scanned pages, or newly created documents
· Clear, natural sounding speech
· Scanned-in pages retain original layout
· Customized visual presentation
· Built-in dictionary and thesaurus
· Traditional study tools - highlighting, bookmarking, text and voice notes, and more
· Teacher Lockout — temporarily restricts student access to the dictionary, thesaurus, and spell-checker during tests
· Ability to read the internet
· Email
· Word prediction
· Outlines
· Key Learning features now available in Exact View
· Spell Check as you Type
· Homophones support
· MP3 and WAV Conversion
· Highlight Web pages
· Extract highlighted text from Web pages
· Compatible with WebCT
· WebFocus™ Feature -- masks distracting visual clutter, both text and graphics, and aids the reader to focus on important information
· Standard and Basic Dictionaries
· Recursive Dictionary -- users can look up a word within the definition or the synonym list.
· Broadcast Settings -- allows a teacher to send a document to numerous students and/or select specific settings for multiple students.
· New OCR Engines -- the user may now choose which scanning engine is most appropriate for each specific document.
· Styles (bold, italic, underline) -- users can now add the attributes Bold, Italic, and Underline to any text in the Text View of documents.
· Pronunciation Dictionary -- use to correct the pronunciation of words in WYNN.
· OCR Correction -- this feature allows users to correct any errors that may occur during scanning.
· Network WYNN -- WYNN Wizard and WYNN Reader are now available in a network version.

Video Describing WYNN Features

This video describes the four toolbars and the multiple features of each. The sound quality is not the best as it is taken via an iphone with some background noise.

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