Monday, 10 October 2011

WYNN Wizard Features

· Ability to customize preferences to help support visual and auditory processing difficulties

                  VISUAL                                                            AUDITORY
                  Size                                                                     Self-paced reading
                  Line spacing                                                       Speech Rates
                  Word spacing                                                     Pause between sentences
                  Margins                                                              Voice options
                  Background color                                              Language options

· Bi-modal approach to reading — text is highlighted in context as it is spoken aloud
· Full editing capabilities — the ability to modify electronic files, scanned pages, or newly created documents
· Clear, natural sounding speech
· Scanned-in pages retain original layout
· Customized visual presentation
· Built-in dictionary and thesaurus
· Traditional study tools - highlighting, bookmarking, text and voice notes, and more
· Teacher Lockout — temporarily restricts student access to the dictionary, thesaurus, and spell-checker during tests
· Ability to read the internet
· Email
· Word prediction
· Outlines
· Key Learning features now available in Exact View
· Spell Check as you Type
· Homophones support
· MP3 and WAV Conversion
· Highlight Web pages
· Extract highlighted text from Web pages
· Compatible with WebCT
· WebFocus™ Feature -- masks distracting visual clutter, both text and graphics, and aids the reader to focus on important information
· Standard and Basic Dictionaries
· Recursive Dictionary -- users can look up a word within the definition or the synonym list.
· Broadcast Settings -- allows a teacher to send a document to numerous students and/or select specific settings for multiple students.
· New OCR Engines -- the user may now choose which scanning engine is most appropriate for each specific document.
· Styles (bold, italic, underline) -- users can now add the attributes Bold, Italic, and Underline to any text in the Text View of documents.
· Pronunciation Dictionary -- use to correct the pronunciation of words in WYNN.
· OCR Correction -- this feature allows users to correct any errors that may occur during scanning.
· Network WYNN -- WYNN Wizard and WYNN Reader are now available in a network version.

Video Describing WYNN Features

This video describes the four toolbars and the multiple features of each. The sound quality is not the best as it is taken via an iphone with some background noise.

WYNN User Interface - Rotating Toolbars

Click here to view toolbar overview

WYNN Wizard Tutorial - Management Toolbar

Wynn Wizard comes with 4 color coded toolbars that help make the program very user friendly and easy for students to work independently. The toolbar that I will talk about here is the management toolbar. This toolbar allows the student to perform many functions.This toolbar is very important as it is needed to scan, open, close, save, and print selected files.

The blue File Management toolbar lets you scan a page, open, close, save, and print files. It also lets you browse the Internet. Use the Text View button, and its partner, the Exact View button, to switch between two different views of the page. Like the other three tool bars, this one includes the Next, Read, Write, Exact View, and Other Document buttons. The new "Clean-up" button facilitates correction of errors that may occur in the document during scanning. This ensures that the document will be spoken correctly by WYNN, whether reading it in Exact View or Text View.

WYNN's new Web browsing module features include the ability to highlight text on a Web page and then to extract the highlighted text. WYNN also allows one-click PDF file conversion. WYNN’s patented WebMasking feature has been enhanced to give students more options while reading Web pages. The webmasking allows for less distractions on a page and only highlights the sentences being read. The Web module also includes a built-in pop-up blocker to allow students to focus with fewer distractions. When you click on a web browsing a new toolbar will pop up allowing the user to browse, go to home page, back, forward, highlight specific information and save favorites.

WYNN Web Module

The following gives an overview of what the web module can do. It has been completely redone to offer more support to students.
  • Highlight Web pages -  As users read a Web page, they can select various highlighter colors available in WYNN to mark key topics and ideas. This makes finding and retaining information easier.
  • Extract highlighted text from Web page - Students can extract the highlighted text and transfer it to a separate WYNN document with one click of the mouse. The student then has all the information he needs, and only that information, in one easy-to-access document.
  • Extract selected text, or all text on a Web page - In addition to extracting highlighted text, users can extract any text selected with the mouse, or can select all text on a Web page. WYNN copies all the text the user has selected on an Internet page, opens a WYNN document, and pastes the text into the WYNN document. This is all done in one easy click of a mouse button.
  • More WebMasking options - WYNN's patented WebMasking feature is now configurable to mask by line, sentence, or paragraph.
  • More Web spotlighting options - WYNN's Web spotlight is now configurable to spotlight by word, line, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Updated Web toolbar - The new toolbar includes a Dictionary, Highlight, and Extract button; all buttons are in one toolbar.
  • Favorites and History on left sidebar for easier navigation - Users can store their favorite web pages and view their history in WYNN's easy-to-find left sidebar. This retains the look and feel of standard Web browsers.
  • Compatible with WebCT and other educational courseware systems and portals - The ability to integrate with WebCT-enabled school sites will allow students and teachers to utilize the features in WYNN with their Web site courses for better learning and teaching.
  • Easy PDF reading - Direct, one-click conversion of PDF Web pages to WYNN.
  • Customize how many Web documents can be open - Teachers can specify how many pages a students can open while using the Internet.
  • Pop-up blocker built in - WYNN will block annoying pop-up advertisements while the user is viewing Web pages. This allows an individual to focus on the information they want to read without distractions.