Monday, 10 October 2011

WYNN Web Module

The following gives an overview of what the web module can do. It has been completely redone to offer more support to students.
  • Highlight Web pages -  As users read a Web page, they can select various highlighter colors available in WYNN to mark key topics and ideas. This makes finding and retaining information easier.
  • Extract highlighted text from Web page - Students can extract the highlighted text and transfer it to a separate WYNN document with one click of the mouse. The student then has all the information he needs, and only that information, in one easy-to-access document.
  • Extract selected text, or all text on a Web page - In addition to extracting highlighted text, users can extract any text selected with the mouse, or can select all text on a Web page. WYNN copies all the text the user has selected on an Internet page, opens a WYNN document, and pastes the text into the WYNN document. This is all done in one easy click of a mouse button.
  • More WebMasking options - WYNN's patented WebMasking feature is now configurable to mask by line, sentence, or paragraph.
  • More Web spotlighting options - WYNN's Web spotlight is now configurable to spotlight by word, line, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Updated Web toolbar - The new toolbar includes a Dictionary, Highlight, and Extract button; all buttons are in one toolbar.
  • Favorites and History on left sidebar for easier navigation - Users can store their favorite web pages and view their history in WYNN's easy-to-find left sidebar. This retains the look and feel of standard Web browsers.
  • Compatible with WebCT and other educational courseware systems and portals - The ability to integrate with WebCT-enabled school sites will allow students and teachers to utilize the features in WYNN with their Web site courses for better learning and teaching.
  • Easy PDF reading - Direct, one-click conversion of PDF Web pages to WYNN.
  • Customize how many Web documents can be open - Teachers can specify how many pages a students can open while using the Internet.
  • Pop-up blocker built in - WYNN will block annoying pop-up advertisements while the user is viewing Web pages. This allows an individual to focus on the information they want to read without distractions.

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