Monday, 10 October 2011

WYNN Wizard Tutorial - Management Toolbar

Wynn Wizard comes with 4 color coded toolbars that help make the program very user friendly and easy for students to work independently. The toolbar that I will talk about here is the management toolbar. This toolbar allows the student to perform many functions.This toolbar is very important as it is needed to scan, open, close, save, and print selected files.

The blue File Management toolbar lets you scan a page, open, close, save, and print files. It also lets you browse the Internet. Use the Text View button, and its partner, the Exact View button, to switch between two different views of the page. Like the other three tool bars, this one includes the Next, Read, Write, Exact View, and Other Document buttons. The new "Clean-up" button facilitates correction of errors that may occur in the document during scanning. This ensures that the document will be spoken correctly by WYNN, whether reading it in Exact View or Text View.

WYNN's new Web browsing module features include the ability to highlight text on a Web page and then to extract the highlighted text. WYNN also allows one-click PDF file conversion. WYNN’s patented WebMasking feature has been enhanced to give students more options while reading Web pages. The webmasking allows for less distractions on a page and only highlights the sentences being read. The Web module also includes a built-in pop-up blocker to allow students to focus with fewer distractions. When you click on a web browsing a new toolbar will pop up allowing the user to browse, go to home page, back, forward, highlight specific information and save favorites.

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